recording artist · producer · songwriter

Born and raised in Georgia and Russia, Serge found a permanent home in Germany.
He founded and released albums with New Discipline, Bazar, Tormenta, Blänk and DuS.
He is also the founder and owner of Frazil Records, an independent label headquartered in Augsburg (Germany), began with the basic idea of publishing home-grown music.
Currently working on DARKNESS (First Solo Album), producing for Olgarithmus and writing music for various theatre productions.


Künstlich blöd

Release Date: 01.04.2024
Ogarithmus, the visionary sound architect behind a new era of musical innovation, has released his highly anticipated album „Künstlich blöd“. This stunning compilation is a masterpiece that fuses the boundaries between jazz and electronic in a subtle yet powerful way.


Release Date: 10.07.2023
Dear friends, as promised, it’s time, I’m happy to introduce you to my new song.
Everyone chooses on his own a word of love or hate…
It was important for me to say that.
Have fun with it!

Fairy Bird

Release Date: 16.10.2023
First collaboration between Parisian electro-ambient space rock project Mercibo and myself. It is an ode to love and beautiful moments in life. We hope this resonates with you and I promise it won’t stop there, there’s more to come.


Release Date: 13.02.2023
This song is a tribute to my place of birth and the good memories associated with it.

Second Circle

Release Date: 26.09.2022
Another song from forthcoming album „Darkness“!


Release Date: 28.06.2022
One more song from forthcoming album „Darkness“. Enjoy!
Special thanks to Oleksander Klimas (Violin)

Too Late

Release Date: 31.05.2022
Another song that will be featured on forthcoming album „Darkness“.
Special thanks to Oleg Nels.

Stormenta - Bonobonbon

Stormenta – Bonobonbon

Release Date: 10.04.2022.
Another retrospective side project from the Tormenta environment. This time with the voice of Daniela Nering. A big thank you to my longtime friend and co-author Janusz Leudemann. Stromenta – Bonobonbon can be found on all streaming platforms.

Stormenta - Aeronautica

Stormenta – Aeronautica

Release Date: 20.03.2022.
Dear friends, I am happy about another retrospective side project from the Tormenta environment. With the beautiful voice of Eva Espenschied. Stromenta – Aeronautica to be enjoyed on all streaming platforms.

Blänk - Wrong Country

Blänk – Wrong Country

Release Date: 21.11.2021.
Dear friends, finally, barely a decade later we make the jump 🙂 We could no longer hide these treasures from you! Post-Blänk album „Wrong Country“ can be found on all major platforms. Have fun with it!

Olgarithmus – Sentimental Bot

Olgarithmus – Sentimental Bot

The first single from an album.
Release Date: 17.07.2021.
Available now on all major platforms. Enjoy!

Unfinished State 2001 / 2021

Release Date: 10.07.2021.
Available now on all major platforms. Enjoy!

My special thanks go to:

  • Janusz Leudemann
    Bass · Double Bass · Trumpet · Composing · Sampling · Voc
  • Edo Davidov · Drums · Sampling
  • Oleksandr Klimas · Violin
  • Nugzar Phantsulaya · Guitar
  • Eva Espenschied · Voc
  • Anja Rosin · Text · Ideas
  • Karl Berger · Piano
  • Eva Gold · Voc
  • Alex Gegeshvili † · Sax


The first single from an album.
Release Date: 21.04.2021.
Available now on all major platforms. Enjoy!

New Video Online

Another song from forthcoming album. Enjoy!


Short trailer with the first peek into the sound of the new album!